Founded in December 1997 with the generous support of the RI Foundation, the Providence Plan, and the RI Committee for Non-violence Initiatives, the Rhode Island Violence Prevention Network (RIVPN; previously the RI Anti-Violence Coalition) has been lead by a core group of volunteers representing private and public organizations dedicated to the prevention of violence. Activities to date include:
Grass-roots Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, October 1999 Directory of Youth Violence Prevention Programs, May 2000 First Annual Anti-Violence Convocation, October 2001 Legislative Advocacy (to limit access to guns and to require development of school crisis intervention plans), 2000 Legislative Session Networking Meetings, 1998 – 2000
Currently, the RIVPN is focused on improved communication between violence prevention practitioners through web-site development, maintenance of a database of prevention practitioners and RIVPN members, an updated Directory of Programs, and an Annual Convocation. Our name change reflects our commitment to that goal.
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